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The Ultimate Life Coach Training & Certification Program. Equipping, Training & Building Christian Life Coaches. Give us one year, we will give you the rest of your life.

have you considered becoming a life coach?

Do you find joy in seeing people become who they were truly born to be? Maybe you’re just ready to start your own business. Or perhaps you’re here because you’re looking for a life coach! 

Whatever the reason… You’re in the right place.

"It Transformed Me In Ways I Did Not Anticipate"

I was looking at this as a career opportunity and a way to help people. And what it ended up doing was helping me. It has transformed our family life in ways I could have never imaged. It has been a year since I became a Covenant Coach and it has been the most transformational thing in my entire life. It changed my faith in God. It's changed my relationship with my husband. I have also increased my income ridiculously. Last year I was making $250 a month and I just had a $8,000 week. My husband just retired because he felt like it. If you're considering Covenant Coach academy, consider the cost of NOT doing it. It will cost you more.
Rachel Pops

Joani RayL

“I knew I wanted to help people. I just didn’t know how. I knew if I didn’t do this, I would regret it. This is a legitimate business and I’m bringing in an income. It’s so amazing. I started signing paying clients before getting certified.

Sam Wender

“It has been a radical change. We have tools that work. We’ve seen them in our lives, they work. We’ve seen them work in other people’s lives. I have been able to use these tools with my children, my family, my friends…”

Lisa williams

“Before I got in CCA, I was already a life coach. CCA was what I needed to help my clients in a way that God was calling me to help them. Everything I have learned in CCA with faith based coaching has helped me help my clients to transform their lives.”

Jordan Keefe

“Before CCA, life was in the dumps. CCA came along and I went for it. I had that gut feeling. After going through the program, I am actually more committed and excited to help the people who have struggled with the same things I have struggled with. I see a bigger vision for myself. I can help people that I could have never helped in the past.”

Joani RayL

“I knew I wanted to help people. I just didn’t know how. I knew if I didn’t do this, I would regret it. This is a legitimate business and I’m bringing in an income. It’s so amazing. I started signing paying clients before getting certified.

sam wender

“It has been a radical change. We have tools that work. We’ve seen them in our lives, they work. We’ve seen them work in other people’s lives. I have been able to use these tools with my children, my family, my friends…”

We Take Covenant Coaching Seriously.

Covenant Coach Academy is endorsed by the International Association Of Professional Life Coaches as well as featured in the Forbes Coach Council.

Covenant Coach Academy is the #1 Christian Life Coach Certification program because of the lives that have been changed through coaching, training, certification & sending coaches out into the world. 

Our material is 100% based on the Bible and our Covenant we have through Jesus Christ. CCA does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation.  

Why Trust Covenant Coach Academy with your life coaching business?

Covenant Coach Academy is currently equipping men, women, and young adults of all types and backgrounds to become the best of the BEST. They are trained over the course of one year. A certified life coach hand-picked by Hannah Keeley will walk them through a 3-month certification process and prepare them for 9 months of expanding their reach as a life coach.

CCA students put in the work themselves to be certified! This includes; practice clients, memorizing formulas, passing an oral and written exam, and multiple hours of one-on-one training.

Becoming a life coach is just the beginning. Not only do we equip these incredible students to become life coaches, we also give them the training they need to create websites, market themselves, get clients, and run a successful business. Not to mention, launching a podcast, writing a book, crafting your signature talk, etc.

Covenant Coach Academy is not limited. We have seen stay-at-home-moms and dads become certified life coaches who run multiple successful home business within a year. We have seen multiple students go through this program just to simply obtain the knowledge on how to coach their families through difficult situations. We have also seen coaches earn 6 & 7+ figures a year through life coaching. There is no limit. No boundary.

If you know you are ready to become a certified life coach, you’re in the right place.


Introducing Kairos, the CCA Life Coach Training Program created specifically for 18-24 year-olds.

Whether you have been to college, preparing to graduate, or just confused about where to land after the high school experience, Kairos can provide you with an entire year of personal and career development that will not only transform your life, but enable you to transform the lives of others.

wisdom over knowledge

transformation over tradition

About K A I R O S

We live in the information age. In an era of highly accessible information, wisdom becomes a highly sought-after commodity. Back before the technology boom in the 70s, success required you to know information. Because of this, a college education was an asset, and put you ahead in the world. But times have changed, radically.

Knowing information is no longer a marketable skill. Success now is determined by the ability to access and leverage information. We’re seeing this show up as companies such as Google and Apple no longer requiring college degrees for employment. In fact, Tesla no longer requires a high school diploma, which is evidence how formal education is becoming obsolete in the marketplace.

The entire world witnessed this with the recent pandemic. The knowledge of pandemic statistics or global impact was completely ineffective. However, the people and companies that had the wisdom on how to pivot and respond to a global crisis experienced booming finances.

“Blessed is the one who finds wisdom, and the one who gets understanding.” Proverbs 3:13

Kairos not only helps individuals develop wisdom in the area of personal development and life coaching, but through an entire year of Biblical business coaching, it also provides highly marketable skills that will enable individuals to succeed in any economy, in any culture.

The application rate for colleges and universities has been slowly declining over the past several years, with a marked decline in 2020—an 8% drop in the common application! And if 2020 showed us anything, it’s that we are not returning to “normal.”

Our world is creating a new normal—with entrepreneurship on the rise, formal education on the decline, virtual careers dominating, and creative skill eclipsing old school learning.

But cultural change doesn’t necessarily translate to a personal level. Many families consider college a necessity, a tradition that is handed down to generations. But in a new economy, some traditions are not yielding a significant return may need to be reassessed. Those individuals that can pivot with cultural change will be the ones to transform it.

 “Laying aside the commandment of God, you hold the tradition of men” Mark 7:8

We cannot lay aside what God is doing on a global perspective. We need to see that He is at work—needing willing servants to acquire skills of excellence to become agents of change. It’s going to take faith, perseverance, and high-level training to rise to the top. God needs us like never before to create transformation in a world of turmoil, but we need to be prepared.

asset over liability

Today’s college debt is staggering. Americans owe over $1.7 trillion in student loan debt, spread out among approximately 44.7 million borrowers. Just to put that number in perspective, student loan debt is about $739 billion more than the total US credit card debt! College graduates are leaving school with a degree in hand and a whopping load of debt on their back. And, to make it even worse, the degree often turns out to be ineffective. Over 27% of college grads are in a job that has nothing to do with their degree!

The average cost of private college in 2018 was $50,900. And that’s only for one year! To make that figure even more unbearable, four years rarely cover a college education anymore. According to recent statistics by the US Department of Education, the average student takes 6 years and 4 months to get a college degree. By the time they don their robe and cross that platform, they have spent over $250,000 in personal funds and student loans. 

“The blessing of the Lord brings wealth, without painful toil for it.” Proverbs 10:22

What if instead of the years of toil, effort, and expense of college, you could take one year to grow in skills to serve others and have everything you need to market your skills, grow your platform, and create significant income? And do it at a fraction of the cost? It can happen. We do it all the time here at Covenant Coach Academy.

About The Founder


Hannah Keeley was life coaching before “life coaching” was a thing! With a background in behavioral psychology and training as a ordained minister, Hannah combines her knowledge of brain science with her wisdom of God’s Word into a simple, yet profound program — Covenant Coach Academy. Hannah believes that the vast majority of problems in life are rooted in fear. However, “God does not give us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind” (2 Timothy1:7).

As believers, we have access to a covenant with God that not only eradicates fear from our lives, but also allows for power over our thoughts, love for ourselves and others, and a sound mind to make the best, most profitable decisions for our lives.

Hannah began life coaching in 1998, as a faith ministry toward moms. It has since evolved into Mom Mastery University, an online portal for mom-specific, faith-based life coaching, and Covenant Coach Academy, to train life coaches, provide life coaches, and equip ministry staff to serve their people at the highest level through life coaching. Hannah and her husband, Blair, have seven kids and enjoy being parents, grandparents, and entrepreneurs in Richmond,Virginia.

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