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Shannon Soubliere
Shannon Soubliere Certified Life Coach
Shannon is a wife to Jonathan (20 years this year!), and mama to 4 cubs (some taller than her!). As a Life Coach, Shannon's desire is for each client to know who they truly are in Christ and their life to flow from there - a place that is exceedingly, abundantly more than she could ever ask or imagine! Shannon loves working with woman who desire change in their lives, but feel stuck. You'll often find Shannon in the kitchen. She loves food! Baking, cooking, creating recipes and food photography, as well as programs for women. Oh and you'll find her dancing in the kitchen as well!
Aline Maynard
Aline Maynard Certified Life Coach
Aline is a master certified covenant coach, wife of 24 years, mom of two teenagers, and Bible college student. She helps Christians thrive in all relationships, including romance and marriage, family, work, friendships, church, and self. She is trained to lead clients through inner healing of past traumas. She coaches in all areas including emotions, health, habits, and business. To learn more and to see testimonials, click the “Book with Aline” button.
Anne Manske
Anne Manske Certified Life Coach
Are you living life on autopilot? The days are blurring together and you are just getting by. Everything you need is already inside of you. Let’s work together to help you uncover your true self. To live a life of Abundance in all areas. I can’t wait to see what you create. Anne is married with a teenager daughter. Life coaching showed her how to live a life on purpose and everyday she recommits to this journey.
Trisha Waters
Trisha Waters Certified Life Coach
I've been married to my husband Ben for 14 years and I've been a military spouse for over a decade. I have experienced deployments without children and with children. I know what it's like to feel "single but not." All while starting and running two business'. God has helped me find and walk out immense purpose through it all. Over the past 10 years, I have helped hundreds of military wives from all over with how to change the challenges of military life into opportunities…… you are absolutely in the right place!
Maureen Spell
Maureen Spell Certified Life Coach
Maureen Spell helps moms & mompreneurs go from stuck, stressed and just surviving in faith, family and business to thriving. By focusing on a mind, routines and goals reset, women gain hope, renewed vision, and new insight enabling them to have success at home AND business. Maureen equips moms with tools to keep moving forward with joy despite obstacles they may face and she provides encouragement along the way. If you need a Mom Reset, connect with Maureen below.
Ashley Veigel
Ashley Veigel Certified Life Coach
Do you long to be free from worry, depression, anger, insecurity or shame? Are you struggling with unhealthy relationships or addictive behaviors like overeating, over-spending or procrastination? I will help you discover & overcome the negative patterns that are weighing you down, so that you can experience the freedom, joy, and peace God has for you. I am married with 2 teenage sons, and I'm here to come alongside you so that you can smile at your future!
Bonnie Dueck
Bonnie Dueck Certified Life Coach
With a background in education and special needs, a faith that is unstoppable, and her skills to help you identify what thoughts are keeping you from a life of joy, Bonnie Joy will come alongside you and help you develop strategies for success!

​ Whether facing overwhelm, affected by addictions or depression, struggling to face your day, or make decisions, Bonnie Joy can help you turn the mountains in your life into strategic steps on your Journey to Joy.
Shamila Johannesen
Shamila Johannesen Certified Life Coach
Shamila is a wife and mom to two beautiful girls 19 and 13 years. She is also a Registered nurse. She has a heart for self development. Loves to build up women to find their true identity in Christ in order to live an abundant life and achieve their desired goals. She loves to coach women/parents to get unstuck from old mindset that has kept them in bondage and limited for years. She is passionate about helping people to find freedom in every area of their life, to live a productive and thriving life. She is a strong believer in life coaching based on the word of God that changes lives.
Kate Wood
Kate Wood Certified Life Coach
Kate Wood specializes in helping women overcome overwhelm. As a Certified Life Coach, Wellness Coach, Behavior Change Specialist, and ACE Certified Personal Trainer, she brings unique coaching solutions to women who feel like they’ve “tried everything” without lasting success. Kate combines powerful mindset shifts, practical tools, and easy-to-implement wellness techniques to help her clients gain momentum and pursue their purpose. As a homeschooling mom of five lively children, she understands that the process of personal growth is most effective when it works with “real life”. Learn more at
Ben Waters
Ben Waters Certified Life Coach
God’s heart through me is to empower Kingdom-minded men and women to be free from limiting beliefs that the enemy often uses to manipulate them. These false beliefs sabotage their purpose, calling and ability to walk in their amazing, God-given identities. Together we defeat the enemy’s tactics, taking back our beliefs and harnessing the power of actions and emotions based on truth. Once this true-identity foundation is built, we also work together to build upon that foundation to produce healthy, sustained growth for the Kingdom of God. If your heart is for God and His Kingdom, let’s work together to equip and propel you to overcome all obstacles and grow into His calling; for His people – for the nations.
Maisey Creiglow
Maisey Creiglow Certified Life Coach
Maisey is a wife, mom of 5 kids, and coach. After overcoming beliefs that held her captive in a cycle of sickness and confusion, to then receive healing herself, she now combines what she learned through faith with her training from Covenant Coach Academy. Maisey specializes in helping others get free from the beliefs that keep them from healing, as well as helping them discover their purpose and unique giftings for the Kingdom.
Sheny Allen
Sheny Allen Certified Life Coach
Do you feel like a hampster on a wheel going round and round but not really going anywhere? It doesn't have to stay this way. There is hope! Working with Sheny you will be able to break free from the endless cycle and what has you stuck so you can move forward in a state of freedom and clarity to reach your goals, creating the life you desire and LOVE living.
Bob Woodward
Bob Woodward Certified Life Coach
I have 20 years experience in relationship and business concepts and team coaching. I am actively coaching individuals and couples, as well as business owners and leaders in the skills and processes of communication, motivation and self healing through actively improving your life, your desires and learning to follow your hopes and dreams.
Payton Childers
Payton Childers Certified Life Coach
Hey, Gorgeous! I am Payton Childers, a 24-year-old Certified Covenant Life Coach. My heart's desire is to see women of all ages who struggle with their confidence, body image, self-worth, not feeling “good enough” or simply feeling as if God has forgotten about them, experience true freedom! It is 100% possible because, at one point in my life, I was that girl. I love working with my clients around their thoughts and seeing massive breakthroughs in their lives. Being a Coach truly is my biggest passion. My prayer for you is that you would experience the truest and deepest form of freedom imaginable, and that could happen for you simply because you said, “Yes”.. no matter how quiet, or even if that Yes was through your tears. I firmly believe you are in good hands when you sign with a Covenant Coach. Praying God’s very best for you, friend!
Lucy Walsh
Lucy Walsh Certified Life Coach
Lucy is a covenant coach, military wife, and mom of three- the oldest being her bonus daughter. She combines her specialized training and personal experience to help others not only redesign but also LOVE their lives. Lucy is passionate about helping military moms, bonus parents, and moms struggling with anxiety and depression, knowing everyone is called to live a joy-filled and abundant life.
Aleah Joseph
Aleah Joseph Certified Life Coach
When your heart is aligned life flows from it.

As a certified life coach and certified personal trainer I get the honor of working with moms and teen girls just like you that want to live life on purpose. I will walk alongside you to break through barriers in your thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes.

We will take the steps together to align your heart and develop personal strategies that target what is holding you back. If you are feeling burnout, seeking clarity on your life’s purpose, or just needing to figure out how to enjoy life again, then it’s time for us to chat.
Michele Fisher
Michele Fisher Certified Life Coach
Michele enjoys working with women to empower them and improve their thoughts. She is a mother to two young adults and has been married over 25 years. As a state certified educator, she has spent most of her life working with others, but enjoys seeing the transformation that coaching provides. Michele is also an AFAA group fitness instructor with TRX and Zumba certifications.
Jessica Black
Jessica Black Certified Life Coach
My name is Jessica. I am a Life coach and Faith strategist. I help people who are ready to grow past their current reality and make the necessary changes that can help them make their dreams come true.
Gwendy Hardcastle
Gwendy Hardcastle Certified Life Coach
As a wife of 25 years and a mom of 6 living children, I can understand and relate to the days of just trying to keep my head above water and keep my children safe. Deep down I knew that being a mom was my heart's desire but not realizing how hard, exhausting, and non-stop this way of life can be. Is there really Joy in the Journey of raising up the next generation?

As a life coach, I have learned that YES there can be joy in the everyday mundane high calling of motherhood! This joy can be experienced and fully lived in whatever stage of life we are living. I help overwhelmed, struggling moms, who desire Joy in their life Journey, to change their thoughts and create the life they are longing to live.
Brittany Howell
Brittany Howell Certified Life Coach
Brittany is a master certified covenant coach, wife and second generation homeschooling mama of 5. She is also an adoptive parent, foster parent, and midwife assistant. Brittany combines her specialized training and real life experiences to create powerful and life-changing coaching.

She provides help and healing for those who have had traumas in adulthood or childhood. Three of her favorite things to coach on are money, marriage and parenting. She currently works with married and single, men and women to help them in their business and financial life and in their family and personal life.

No matter what your current emotional or financial situation is Brittany can help you get the dramatic results you never even thought possible in your life and in the life of your family.
Fran ONeill
Fran ONeill Certified Life Coach
I help Adoptive and Foster Moms become joyful Mother's of children. I raised two biological and five adopted children, as well as hosted over twenty foster children in my home. I've had children in my home for 41 years, and I am not done yet. I've experienced the blessings and challenges of being a Mom. If you would like a consultation to see if we are good coaching fit contact me by clicking the button below. Blessings!
Amanda K Stout
Amanda K Stout Certified Life Coach
Hello friends! I am Amanda K Stout, a Certified Christian Life Coach, Mentor, & Speaker. Being coached helped me to break free from depression, anxiety, overwhelm, & legalistic religious bondage into a life of peace, joy, fulfillment, & relationship with God. Now, my mission is now to help YOU discover & walk in the truth of who you are in Christ so that you can break free from whatever is holding you back and live the abundant, joyful, Christ-centered that God has for you. So, are you ready to release the burden of the lies you’ve been carrying and ARISE?
Jackie Dighans
Jackie Dighans Certified Life Coach
I am a daughter of God Most High. I love God and love people. I have been called by God to help people get free in life. I work with the limiting mindsets and thoughts of my clients so they can move forward, discover the truth of who they are and what their purpose is. I am married to an amazing husband and have 10 beautiful children and 1 precious granddaughter.
Rachel Pops
Rachel Pops Certified Life Coach
Rachel Pops is a Certified Success and Relationship Coach. If you're overwhelmed with life, unsure how to move forward in your personal life or business, or struggling with your relationships - whether with your children, spouse, or just relationships in general - she will help you create peaceful, cooperative relationships, and increase your productivity, time, and energy so you can move forward quickly!

She is passionate about helping you and your family live a thriving and fulfilling life and is extremely committed to your success and results!

Rachel has been married for 15 years, is a homeschooling mom to six children between the ages of 1 and 20, has adopted 3 children, has been a foster parent for 11 years, and is the founder of Foundations of a Dream Life™.

Book a free call with Rachel today!
Danielle Russell
Danielle Russell Certified Life Coach
A lover of words and gardens, Danielle is married to an athletic math-lover (if our marriage can thrive, any can). She homeschools four lively children (who provide endless learning in how to parent “in the world, but not of it”)! Her former experience in full-time ministry with youth, women, and military members combines powerfully with her Covenant Life Coach training to guide clients into their true identity and best life! Her passion is seeing people get “unstuck” from false labels and limiting patterns of belief. She has a heart for helping others believe for something greater than they can currently see and to walk them from perceived dead-ends to a wide expanse of options. Book a free consultation below to learn how you can grow in confidence, courage and joy as you progress toward freedom and victory!
Julie S Holderman
Julie S Holderman Certified Life Coach
If you are struggling to get back on your feet after miscarriage or serious illness, I would love to talk! I've been there, but I have found joy again after working with a covenant coach. In addition to providing individual life coaching, my business offers help for students and parents of students who struggle in school, particularly with reading. Let's find some joy!
Iva Stoltzfus
Iva Stoltzfus Certified Life Coach
As a Certified Mindset and Fitness Coach, understanding the mind and the physical body, I bring a unique approach to helping you reach your goals. Oh, hey, by the way my name is Iva! Being a mother, juggling children, and everything else that comes with motherhood, I know how easy it can be to neglect your health, whether it's mental or physical. However, that's where I come in. I can't wait to meet you and partner together to become the best version of yourself!
Cameron Murdoch
Cameron Murdoch Certified Life Coach
I am your Biblical Business Coach. I have worked with a vast variety of industries and professionals and can help you identify the thoughts and beliefs you are holding onto that are limiting your ability to thrive. My focus is on helping you align your mindset with your Father, see yourself as He Designed you. Let’s have a conversation and see where your Father is calling you to Reign in His Kingdom.
Shaye Woodward
Shaye Woodward Certified Life Coach
After obtaining my Bachelor's Degree for Psychology I realized that coaching has been more effective especially after being a coach for years. I have a love of helping people gain a new lease on life and start working towards their real dreams and goals and becoming the person they were always meant to be and more. My focus has been working with moms, both married and single, those struggling with ADHD including teens and anyone desiring to find their true self.
Deirdre Dobos
Deirdre Dobos Certified Life Coach
My name is Deirdre Dobos and I’ve been married for over 20 years and have 5 kiddos ranging from your adult to school age. I am a certified covenant life coach, a former military wife and high school science teacher. It gives me great joy encouraging and coaching women to have success and abundance in all areas of their life. My forte is marriage, parenting, overwhelm, anxiety and depression. I am also a running life coach who combines the tools and strategies of covenant coaching with over 34 years of running expertise to help women conquer a mile to a marathon.
Kara Devlin
Kara Devlin Certified Life Coach
Founded on Matthew 6:33, I offer One on One boutique coaching for individuals who want to see change in their lives. Working together, we will collapse time and get you from here to there with results-driven immediate strategies. Together, we will design the life you've dreamed of. I take a No Toil approach in creating your personal Map of your life. I have a heart for working moms, SAHM, individuals with health issues, Aging Parents, Chronic Pain, Anxiety, and Moms with Teens.
Danielle Murray
Danielle Murray Certified Life Coach
I am a discerning and intuitive coach with a burning passion for people and their behaviors. Educated in psychology, I am a firm advocate for change and growth. Together we will identify the thoughts that cause the cycles which have prevented you from breakthrough. I will help guide you to simplify your BIG overall vision into small achievable steps, and will assist in broadening your horizons to deeper meaning and a fresh perspective along our journey through your brain.
Gretchen Gegg
Gretchen Gegg Certified Life Coach
Gretchen is a certified life coach, fitness expert and weight loss strategist. She specializes in helping women who are overwhelmed with all of the health and fitness information out there. Her clients get massive results that (finally) last for the long term. Gretchen’s strategy is simple - stop working out and start putting your MIND into MOTION.
Gerda Gauk
Gerda Gauk Certified Life Coach
Gerda is a mom of three and wife of one. She is dedicated to helping women who feel stuck find their freedom so they can step into the life they want to lead. What if you didn’t have to stay stuck? What if you didn’t have to carry stress everyday? What if life could be more enjoyable? As your coach, Gerda will help you uncover and obliterate the obstacles that have been holding you back so you can make that freedom and joy a reality! If you’re tired of the overwhelm and frustration, it’s time to invest in a different future by booking a chat with Gerda today.
Bernice Eriksson
Bernice Eriksson Certified Life Coach
As an Aussie mum of five, pediatric physical therapist and certified life coach I am dedicated to helping mothers navigate a way of life that is above and beyond. As a mum I get it. As a physical therapist I see it and as a coach I know how to get results. I provide clarity in confusion, guidance when you feel lost, a platform to explore your innate potential and a way of thinking that allows you to thrive in every aspect of life. Coaching is a safe partnership that yields transformative results. With the right championing, your growth is inevitable.
Rachel Gucker
Rachel Gucker Certified Life Coach
Rachel serves clients who are dealing with grief. After a miscarriage, then losing her brother, husband & father-in-law within three years, she has walked the journey of grief, & is equipped to come alongside those who are experiencing the pain of loss. As a mother of seven, she is currently homeschooling, publishing a podcast & serving her clients through group & 1on1 coaching.
Sam Wender
Sam Wender Certified Life Coach
Sam has been married for over 18 years and has 7 children ages 6-16. He is passionate about vulnerability, sincerity, and Truth. His experience, wisdom, boldness, and faith make him a man's man, competent in coaching his clients to clarity, distinction, and a better, new life. Sam is 100% for your best self.
Suzette Poon
Suzette Poon Certified Life Coach
Suzette is a Certified Life Coach, Mentor and Special Needs Parent. She loves working with women who want to uplevel their life and live their dreams! Suzette specializes in helping Special Needs families to find balance, peace, and joy so that they can create a life by design and not by default. See the possibilities that are available to you!
Mary Aldrich
Mary Aldrich Certified Life Coach
Mary Aldrich is a laser focused life coach for women of all ages and an energetic homeschooling mom of seven. Mary’s passion is to help families who are longing for real joy, deeper relationships, and less overwhelm in their everyday life through coaching people through their conflicts. She is the founder of Supermom School, the Supermom School Podcast, and is an inspirational speaker and retreat leader. Learn more here:
Gina Billings
Gina Billings Certified Life Coach
Hi! I'm Gina Billings. I'm a Covenant Coach, Wife and Mom of 4. I'm passionate about people living empowered and transformed lives, knowing their identity and walking in freedom. I work with individuals and families to realign their beliefs and crush blocks that prevent their desired outcomes in life. I believe relationships start with families and family relationships impact the community around us. Creating healthy family relationships can shift the dynamics of the world we live in. Through Coaching, parents and their children overcome limiting beliefs that allow for new possibilities and opportunity. Wondering if coaching is a fit for you, we can figure it out together in a Discovery Session via Zoom. I look forward to connecting with you!
Bibiana Lugo
Bibiana Lugo Certified Life Coach
I struggled with depression, mood swings, and a negative self image for many years. I believed a lie that I was broken and unfixable. The truth is I was not broken I was just missing the tools to achieve my full potential. Being a life coach has given me the opportunity to help others who are also struggling with not living the life they are truly meant to be living. I look forward to meeting you and wish you a fabulously blessed day! Bibiana is also a wife and mother of four boys.
Tish Ann Kimura
Tish Ann Kimura Certified Life Coach
Hi I’m Tish Ann Kimura, a Veteran Teacher, Homeschool Mom , Grief Recovery Specialist and Entrepreneur. Do you want to stop people pleasing or comparing yourself to others and instead find the goals and dreams that God has planned especially for you? Do you have grief and pain from past experiences or personal choices that are burdening you and weighing you down; that you want to finally get rid of? Do you want to have an even greater impact on and inspire the next generation that you are teaching and leading? I’m looking to come along side and coach homeschool moms and classroom teachers who are looking for more peace, confidence and success especially during these challenging times. If any of this sounds like you, please click the link to schedule a no cost Life Coaching Consultation/Discovery call. Take this one step now and see what God can do with it!
Kristin Latimer
Kristin Latimer Certified Life Coach
I am passionate about helping women break free from fear and perfection paralysis so that they can live the fulfilling lives they desire. I have been married for 10 years, and I am a mom of two. I used to let fear and anxiety hold me back, and the pressure I would put on myself to be perfect would prevent me from trying anything new or different. The pressure I felt and the need I had to please others prevented me from doing what was best for myself and my family. I have found freedom from the fear and paralysis that held me back, and I have found the freedom to choose what is best for myself and my family. My passion is to help others find freedom in their lives too.
Shelly Marks
Shelly Marks Certified Life Coach
With an MA in Cross-Cultural Studies, Shelly has traveled extensively and lived internationally for 10 yrs. She’s coached competitive gymnastics for 25+ yrs, as well as ministry teams and interns. As a Certified CCA coach, Shelly is passionate about coming alongside those hungry for change or direction in any area of their lives, facilitating their ability to hear God and discover their true identity. Her experiences in cross-cultural ministry, and also as a mom, “nomad’, and bereaved parent particularly equip her for engaging with those navigating change, loss, or parenthood regardless of religious affiliation.
Korilynn Orth
Korilynn Orth Certified Life Coach
Korilynn is a wife, mom to three littles, RN, and nurse educator turned integrative health practitioner and Covenant life coach. Her passion is helping moms move from overwhelm and fatigue to health and wholeness by taking them back to the foundations of health, and targeting the inhibiting thought patterns that keep them stuck. Moms are often the nucleus of the home— she has found that by focusing on a mom's health and wellbeing it can transform the entire family! Physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy moms are foundational to a happy and thriving home and family.
Cheri Gregov
Cheri Gregov Certified Life Coach
Cheri‘s passion is coaching professionals and parents to be successful in their health, relationships, wealth and career. Throughout her 20+ year career, Cheri has specialized in driving organizational change, leading global teams, and coaching countless managers, teams, and individuals to perform their best. Cheri is committed to helping people find freedom by living in alignment with their values and priorities, so they can Love this Life. This includes letting go of overwhelm (as a parent, professional, or both), releasing past trauma, changing careers, eliminating achievement as the primary measure of self-worth, retiring the identity of the “drill sergeant” parent often found yelling, and slaying the conflict between work and life that we are taught to believe. Cheri is a married mom of two boys who loves to hike, listen to music, dance, and spend time outdoors with her family. Learn more and check out client testimonials at

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